5 ways outsourcing your IT drives business growth

August 11, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to effect businesses, you’re likely focused on recovering revenue. However, as a leader, you know that you need to optimize your resources, manage your systems, and keep your tools up and running to ultimately help you adapt to change.

Did you know a Managed IT Service Provider can help you do both?

By maintaining your company’s hardware, software, and cloud systems, Managed Service Providers – or MSPs – can help you thrive as your industry changes.

Managed IT Service Providers help drive growth by enabling productivity, enhancing collaboration, and reducing costs.

Let’s explore the five ways outsourcing your IT drives business growth.

More time to focus on generating revenue

Managed IT Service Providers employ highly skilled technicians. Because of their focus on technology, MSPs keep up with the pace of innovation and ensure they hire technicians that are skilled in supporting systems ranging in age and complexity.

As a MSP ourselves, our core service is our expertise. Whether we’re resolving daily technical issues, managing data centers, or migrating operations to entirely new systems, we ensure our team can support and optimize your technical infrastructure.

With support and advice from a MSP, your business operations can run seamlessly. As a result, your business can remain competitive, adapt to change, and focus on revenue-generating activities you didn’t otherwise have the capacity to execute.

Streamlined business operations

The core benefit of MSPs’ specialized workforce is that they can create dedicated teams with the right skills to address your business’ needs.

If you were to take on the challenge of building your own team of technical experts and updating your infrastructure, you would need to divert a lot of your resources into hiring, evaluating, sourcing, and servicing.

MSPs do it all for you. As an MSP ourselves, we build teams for each project, making sure to select technicians that can address your unique needs. The result you experience is less technical hurdles, increased productivity, and streamlined business operations.

With less business waste, you’re set up for growth.

Reduced downtime and better support

With a high level of expertise and dedicated project teams, your company also benefits from support during off hours.

If you were to rely solely on a small internal IT team, it’s likely that there would be times when your technicians aren’t able to provide support because they’re out of office.

When you work with a MSP, you can rely on skilled professionals to be available to provide support and resolve issues any time. Even during off hours. Their teams make sure that your systems are running as they should at all times – including after hours and statutory holidays.

Even better, a MSP’s technicians are experienced in user support and trained to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

Reduced employee churn

One unexpected outcome of IT outsourcing is reduced employee churn.

Hardware and software have a significant impact on an employee’s experience and their ability to succeed in their role. If your employees have the support they need, they can accomplish their goals and feel positive about their future career with the company.

Without the support of a highly skilled IT team, employees are more likely to be frustrated, stressed and disengaged. These three sentiments often lead employees to find roles elsewhere.

The problem with employee churn is that it costs your company. It costs time, money and energy to hire and train new employees. When churn is high, employees spend more time learning about the company and repeating the unproductive patterns of the employees before them. There’s less of an organizational memory to help your company learn and grow.

Working with an MSP can combat employee churn by setting your employees up for success. With specialized technical support and streamlined technical infrastructure, your employees are less likely to be frustrated by daily struggles. The result is a workforce that is more willing to drive business growth.

Increased productivity and collaboration

The most exciting way a partnership with a MSP can drive business growth is by giving you the opportunity to leverage new technology.

Technology is constantly advancing to make it easier for people to collaborate securely.

When you rely on an MSP to take care of your IT operations, your internal teams don’t need to spend time constantly evaluating and reevaluating tech and tools. Instead, your IT partner advises on improvements that can enhance your organization’s operations and employee experience.

In our own client projects, we’ve helped clients migrate from outdated tools to cloud systems like Egnyte and Office 365. We’ve seen these migrations enhance collaboration between teams and increase productivity by streamlining internal processes.


Overall, working with an MSP helps you drive business growth by relieving you of the pressure to do it all. When you outsource your IT, experts take on the challenges of streamlining, maintaining and upgrading so that you can focus on driving business growth.

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