June 17, 2019

It’s been a subject of much discussion and paranoia for many years now. Then again, how often is this topic truly analyzed in-depth? Many have shrugged this very subject off as blatant conspiracy, but the truth is actually rather surprising.

Laptop cameras can be used to spy on you in real-time. Most laptops come with a webcam built in. This is why it’s important to know the potential risks you are facing if privacy is a paramount concern. Here are a few tips to keep you and your business/personal life safe from intrusion.

Install professional-grade antivirus software

Choose software that provides malware and spyware protection. Doing so is important, as this is a common way hackers can break into various applications on your computer.

Turn on your firewall

A firewall is a specialized program that gives a degree of protection against suspicious and unauthorized activity. Firewalls also allow your computer to communicate with other devices at the same time. Both Windows and Mac-OS systems have built-in firewall capabilities and can be beneficial for protecting your computer.

Wireless router protection

One of the more common mistakes people have is not making their wireless network secure enough. Routers generally come out of the box with a generic password. It’s important to change this password as soon as possible. There are databases of brand-centric passwords that a hacker can easily attain in order to access your system without consent. 

Remember to always create a password that is 10-16 letters in length, and contains various numbers and symbols within it. This sort of password complexity makes it much more difficult to infiltrate your system.

Be smart

The most obvious solution is to keep webcams out of potentially compromising areas, such as bedrooms and other sensitive areas. Here is a good standard of practice — if there’s something you don’t want the known universe to witness, don’t use a device that contains a webcam near it!

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