March 02, 2023

What is a hybrid cloud?

A hybrid cloud is a solution that combines an on-premises data centre (or private cloud) with a public cloud, allowing data and applications to be shared between the two environments, which helps you to run workloads more flexibly.

How does a hybrid cloud work?

In a hybrid cloud model, businesses deploy workloads in private IT setups or public clouds, switching between them as computing requirements and costs vary. Hybrid cloud offers enhanced security and more data deployment options depending on the business needs. This allows them to run their more sensitive workloads on private and less-critical workloads on a public cloud or the other way around. A hybrid cloud workload incorporates an application’s server, network, storage, and security requirements.

Benefits of hybrid cloud

Agility and scalability: Hybrid cloud provides more workload options than traditional physical data centre solutions. That’s why it is convenient to provision, deploy and scale workloads to meet increasing demands. When demands exceed the capacity of a local data centre, a hybrid cloud solution allows businesses to switch their applications to the public cloud quickly and scale to get extra capacity.

Cost management: In the case of a private cloud, businesses may be operating the data centre infrastructure, which requires significant capital expenditures and fixed costs. Alternatively, public cloud resources and services require varying and ongoing expenses. Hybrid cloud users can run workloads in whichever environment is more suitable and cost-effective for the business.

Flexibility: Businesses tend to adjust their infrastructure while working with various data types because every data type has distinct requirements. MSPs and cloud providers offer hybrid cloud setups that use traditional and the latest cloud technology, such as physical data centres for storing information and public cloud services for business continuity. This way, businesses can migrate workloads to and from their traditional infrastructure and the provider’s public cloud whenever necessary.

Hybrid cloud solutions at Appsonnet

The public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions at Appsonnet are tailored to your unique business needs and provide an easy and efficient way to access your data from anywhere, anytime. The flexibility, reliability and scalability of our cloud solutions can help your business grow and achieve desired results.

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