Clear the air with straight talk about top 10 myths surrounding IT managed services.

April 02, 2024

1. “Managed services are just for the big guys.”  

Nope, that’s not true at all! Whether you’re running a small shop or a medium-sized biz, managed services can work wonders for you, especially if you don’t have a dedicated IT crew in-house. 

2. “Managed services cost an arm and a leg compared to in-house IT.” 

Sure, it might seem pricey at first glance, but when you factor in the long-term costs of hiring, training, and keeping an IT team on payroll, managed services can actually save you a pretty penny. 

3. “Managed services providers will put my IT staff out of a job.” 

No way! These providers are here to work hand-in-hand with your existing IT folks. They’ll take care of the day-to-day stuff, so your team can focus on the bigger picture. 

4. “If I go with managed services, I’ll lose control over my IT.” 

Not true! Yes, providers will have access to your systems, but you’re still the one calling the shots. They’ll collaborate with you to get a feel for your business needs and goals, tailoring their services accordingly. 

5. “Managed services only come into play when something’s broken.” 

While providers are definitely there to help when things go haywire, they’re also big on proactive maintenance and keeping an eye on things to prevent issues from cropping up in the first place. It’s all about keeping your IT running smoothly. Check out NITO monitoring!

6. “All managed services providers are cut from the same cloth.” 

No sirree! It’s crucial to do your homework and compare providers to find the best fit for your business. Look for one that knows your industry inside and out, has a solid track record, and puts customer service first. Like us, at APPSONNET.

7. “Managed services providers will wave a magic wand and poof! All my IT problems will disappear.” 

If only it were that easy! While providers can definitely help whip your IT into shape, they can’t solve every single problem, especially when it comes to third-party software or services. Plus, they can only work with the info and access you give them. 

8. “Managed services are a one-size-fits-all deal.” 

Nah, that’s not how it works. Providers offer a whole slew of services that can be mixed and matched to perfectly suit your business needs, whether you just need some basic monitoring or the whole enchilada. 

9. “If I sign up for managed services, compliance is their problem, not mine.” 

Hold up! While providers can certainly lend a hand in keeping you compliant with all the relevant regulations and standards, at the end of the day, compliance is still on you. Make sure to work closely with your provider, so they know exactly what you need to stay in the clear. 

10. “Switching to managed services is going to be a long, bumpy ride.” 

Not with the right provider in your corner! A top-notch provider (APPSONNET) will work their magic to keep disruptions to your business at a minimum. Many even offer phased implementation plans, so you can ease into managed services without any major hiccups. 

The truth behind the top 10 myths of IT managed services. Armed with this knowledge, you can make an informed decision about whether managed services are right for you and your business. 
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