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Prioritizing Security: Vigilance Against Fraudulent Communications and Phishing Attempts from Impostors Claiming to be Applications on Networks Inc. (APPSONNET)

At Applications on Networks Inc. (APPSONNET), safeguarding your security is our top concern. We wish to emphasize that APPSONNET never solicits the download of its Mobile App via external websites, third-party files, such as APKs, or unverified sources. For your protection, always acquire apps only through the app stores approved and supported by your mobile device. Treat any requests to the contrary as deceptive and potentially harmful.

We are dedicated to maintaining your online safety and strongly encourage you to stay vigilant against fraudulent communications and phishing attempts. Our commitment to your online safety extends to a vigilant stance against increasingly sophisticated phishing schemes, including unsolicited emails and messages designed to mimic official communications from APPSONNET. These deceptive tactics may aim to steal personal information or compromise your digital security. Moreover, be wary of phone calls pretending to be from APPSONNET representatives, often seeking sensitive information or access to your devices. Such calls are unauthorized and fraudulent.

Should you come across any dubious messages or requests purporting to be from APPSONNET, we strongly advise against engaging. Instead, promptly report these incidents to our official customer support channels. By collaborating with us, you contribute to a secure and trustworthy support ecosystem.

Quick points to remember:

Verify Sender Information: Always check the email address or phone number of the sender/caller to ensure it aligns with APPSONNET’s official contact channels.

Do Not Click Unverified Links: Refrain from clicking on links or downloading attachments from unknown or suspicious sources.

Use Secure Channels: Always use APPSONNET’s official website and customer support channels for any inquiries or to download our applications.

Protect Your Credentials: Never share your password, including with APPSONNET. Sometimes, passwords need to be changed, reset either by our team or by an automated system, it is important to remember that if you receive a password that you have not set yourself, you must change your password after making such a request and receiving a new/changed password. If you suspect that your password may have been compromised, especially after a phishing attempt, we strongly urge you to immediately change it on all affected accounts.

Report Suspicious Activity: If you encounter any dubious requests, emails, or calls claiming to be from APPSONNET, do not engage. Instead, report them immediately to our official customer support for verification and further action.

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